What Size Pond Filter Do I Need

Choosing the right size of pond filter is quite challenging. Many pond keepers select or buy the wrong size pond filter and it fails to clean their pond properly. In this article, I have discussed what size pond filter you need. So let’s get started.

Different Types of Filters

Before knowing what size pond filter you need, you need to know the types of pond filters. There are several kinds of pond filters. They are different in structure. Here the characteristics of different filters are briefly discussed.

In Pond Filter

In pond filters are convenient for small ponds. This filter kills Algae using UV. Operating In Pond Filter is very easy and economical. In this filter, a pump is set up right onto the water. You cannot clean the whole pond using this filter. The pond area can be divided into several parts and cleaned by In Pond Filter.

Pressurized Pond Filters

Pressurized filters are another category of filters. This filter is widely used by pond keepers. It contains filter media, a filter lid, a cylinder, and a UV sterilizer. The pond pump creates pressure under the water and sends it to the filter cylinder. After that, the water is passed through the media and returned to the pond.

The pressurized filter can be established anywhere around the pond or under the pond water. This type of filter is good for koi pond as koi pond gets dirty very often. For cleaning the pressurized pond filter you need to open the cylinder. So the maintenance of a pressurized pond filter is difficult.

Gravity Return Pond Filter

A gravity return pond filter is a plastic tank occupied by foams and plastic media. Water enters the plastic tank by the pressure of the pond pump and all the heavy dirt falls into the bottom of the plastic tank.

This pond filter must be set up on the water level as water is poured down from the tank like a waterfall. Gravity Return Pond Filter is economical and good for koi ponds.

Multi-purpose Koi Pond Filter

This filter is specially designed for the koi pond filter. Maximum pond filters are high maintenance. It is quite difficult to keep those filters clean. Sometimes the pond keeper needs to open the filter and replace the media.

Multipurpose koi pond filter needs minimum maintenance as it has an auto cleaning feature.

What Size Pond Filter Do I Need

For measuring the perfect size for your pond filter, you need to calculate several things. These measurements will help you to understand which size of filter you need to purify your pond.

Measuring the shape of the pond

There are various shapes of the pond. It can be circular, square, or rectangular. If your pond is rectangular or square-shaped, you need to measure the height, length, and width of the pond. On the other hand, if your pond is circle-shaped, measure the diameter and radius of the pond.

Sometimes many ponds are odd-shaped. In that case, you can draw the shape of your pond and take the measurement.

Measuring the Volume of water

To measure the volume of water, you have to measure the height, width, and length of the pond in meters. Then you can measure the volume of water by multiplying this figure by 1000.

If your pond is circle-shaped you need to multiply 3.14 and the square of the radius. It is difficult to measure the odd-shaped pond. In that case, you can break the whole pond into different sections and measure those sections’ volume. After that, you have to add the volumes and you will get a perfect result.

After measuring the volume of the water you need to compensate the volume for different factors. For example, if the depth of your pond water is not more than 750 cm, your filter needs to be more active. You can compensate for the volume by multiplying it by 1.25.

Sometimes you also need to consider the location of the pond. If your pond is situated in an open place where the sunlight comes, the figure should be multiplied by 1.25.

If the climate is hotter then you can multiply the volume by 1.15 again.

Types of fishes

The pond filter size depends on the water volume as well as the types of fish. If you want to keep normal fish on your pond, you have to multiply the volume of the pond by two. The size of the filter is equal to this volume. This multiplication is done because double waste has emerged from the normal fishes.

On the other hand, if you have a Koi pond, you have to multiply the hypothetical volume by four. And that is the size of the filter. Koi fish cause more waste. And the koi pond filter needs to be bigger for better filtration. A pond filter must need to handle the volume of the water. So measuring volume and knowing the types of fish is mandatory.

If you follow the above guidelines step by step you can easily find out what size pond filter you need. Hopefully, this article helped you to solve your problem.

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