How To Install Pond Filter

A pond filter is used for keeping the pond water toxin-free. The toxins produced by leftover fish food, debris, and algae pollute the water and kill the fished and aquatic plants of the pond. The filtration system prevents this problem. So installing a pond filter is mandatory for all the pond keepers.

The installation of the pond filter is dependent on the type of the pond pump filter. In this guide, I will discuss how to set up a pond filter system.

Installing Pond Pump

First, you need to locate your pump in a suitable place. If you want to create a waterfall filter you need to position the pump above the water level. On the other hand, for installing a general filtration system, you need to place a submersible pump under the water. If your pond is small to medium, a submersible pump is best suited for your filter.

Selecting the right pump is very important. Pump selection depends on the gallons of water in your pond. Electric power is needed to run the pump. Before installing the pump never forget to turn off the electric power. You can use a clamp to attach the hose to the pump tightly.

Installing a Box Filter

Box filters are set up above the pond water as it works via gravity. If your pond is ground-leveled, you can keep the box filter at the edge of the pond. The box filter should always be kept on a strong surface where it can be maintained easily.

The outlet pipe is used to drop the filtered water back into the pond. The diameter of the outlet pump should never be reduced. It will cause an overflow in the box filter. A flexible hose is a good option for making outlet pipes. If you find the installation and placement of the box filter difficult, you can install the pressurized filter.

Installing Pressurized Filter

Installing a pressurized filter is easier than a box filter because its fitting option is flexible. You can install the pressurized filter away from the pond. So the natural look of your pond will not be spoiled. You can also set up the filter behind a tree or under a shed. To install the pressurized pond filter properly you need to follow some easy steps.

At first, you need to dig a hole to bury the filter. You can use a spade to dig the hole. After digging the hole you have to place the pressurized filter properly. Burying the filter is not mandatory. You can also set it on the ground. A filter has one inlet and one outlet pump.

A flexible hose should be used as the inlet and outlet pump. You need to run the inlet hose from the pump to the pond water. If you have a waterfall you can set up the outlet hose above the waterfall and the water will go back to the pond.

Many companies provide another outlet pump with the pressurized pond filter. This outlet pump is used to flush the waste materials out of the pond. This outlet hose is attached to a drain away from the garden.

Installing All-In-One Pond Filter

The installation of an all-in-one pond filter is the easiest process. This filter has only one device. In this filter, the pump and the filter are combined. All in one pond filter is generally installed under the water.  If you want to use an in one pond filter as a fountain for your pond, you can install the outlet hose above the water level.

For installing the filter under the water you need to tie a string to the filter. You can use the string to pull the filter out of the pond. It will help you to avoid pulling the power cable of the filter.

Hope this article helped you to know how to install different pond filters. If you have any further questions comment down below.

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