How To Change UV Bulb In Pond Filter

The UV bulb is used in a pond filter to maintain the quality of the water. It is specially used for solving the algae problem. The radiation of ultraviolet light destroys the cellular wall of the algae and other parasites. UV bulbs only can destroy the unicellular parasites. After that, the dead algae clumps can easily be removed by the pond filter.

The replacement of the UV bulb is very important. In this guide, I will discuss how to change the UV bulb in the pond filter in detail. So, let’s get started.

The lifespan of the UV Bulb

The lifespan of the UV bulb is about nine thousand to ten thousand. After finishing the lifespan of a UV bulb, the water started to become dirty. So, UV bulbs in a pond filter should be replaced once a year to get the best performance. Many pond keepers do not use UV bulbs all year round. They use it only for four to five months in a year when algae are increased. In that case, the UV bulb should be replaced every three years.

In the winter season, you must protect your UV bulb from being frosted. In that season you can store the clarifier inside a room. In many countries, UV clarifiers can be run all year round.  Before discussing how to change the UV bulb in the pond filter, it is necessary to know how the UV bulb works.

How does UV Bulb work in a Filter?

UV light looks like a pipe that consists of two tubes. They are the outer tube and crystal tube. The crystal tube is smaller than the outer tube. It contains the UV bulb. The first water flows through the outer tube. Then it passes through the crystal tube. In the crystal tube, the pond water is exposed to UV radiation and the outer cell of the algae and other parasites are destroyed by the ray. So the fishes of your pond remain healthy.

UV light can be used as a clarifier or as a sterilizer. Both are convenient. The clarifier is used in the garden pond and the sterilizer is used in the aquarium. The size of the UV bulb depends on the size of the pond. The exposure time of the light is calculated by the water flow rate. You will find a water flow rate chart with the UV bulb. UV light can handle approximately two thousand gallons of water flow per hour. So if the flow rate of your pump is more than that you need to cut down the water flow rate by using some valves before passing it through the UV light. The crystal tube is very sensitive. So you must use the UV bulb following the right instruction.

Replacing UV Bulb in a Pond Filter

UV clarifier is installed behind the pond filter. Before the replacement you need to take the clarifier on a soft surface as working with the crystal tube is quite risky. At first, you need to open the end cap or outer seal of the clarifier. Now you have to slide out the bulb carefully.

After that, you need to take off the quarts tube. If the quartz tube is dirty clean it carefully and again put it into its previous place. Now put the new UV bulb into the quartz pipe. You should not touch the body of the bulb. The temperature of your hand will overheat the bulb and reduce the lifespan of the bulb. Now, close the end cap and again refit the clarifier behind the pond filter.

UV clarifier is not submersible. So a UV clarifier should always be kept on the ground. To protect the UV clarifier against electric shock, you can connect it with a GFI outlet.

You should never look at the UV bulb with bare eyes. It is very harmful. If you want to monitor the UV light you can use an opaque window. Never push the bulb inside the crystal tube. The bulb is very fragile. Pushing may lead to breaking the bulb.

Your filter must be unplugged before changing the bulb. You can use a screw to open the end cap. Use a clean cloth to clean the quartz tube. You can wear gloves while touching the bulb.

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