Toys For Goldfish & How To Train Goldfish For Them

As a pet, goldfish are awesome. An interesting fact about goldfish is that you can train it as well as you can entertain it. And when you do that, the bond between you and your goldfish becomes strong.

Of course, you need some toys to do that. In this article, I will talk about them and also show you how you can train your goldfish to play with them.

5 Toys For Your Goldfish

Balls And Goalpost

This toy can bring enrichment to the aquarium life of your goldfish. A miniature goal post set up in the aquarium and mini soccer can be a source of enjoyment for your goldfish. A little training period is enough for your intellectual goldfish.

Tunnel Setup

A perfect setup of a colorful tunnel inside the aquarium will give a decorative look to your aquarium. You have to train your goldfish for this toy. Once your goldfish is trained enough to pass through the tunnel from one side to another side it will play spontaneously.

The choice of tunnel depends on your test and your goldfish size. You can follow this link to Amazon to find some awesome-looking tunnels for your goldfish.


A Goldfish Playing With Hoops

It’s a miniature basketball set up for your goldfish. A short training is enough for your goldfish to play with this. The R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit also supplies kits for Hoops setup.

Goldfish Treat Ball

It’s a crystal-clear ball that has a hollow portion from one surface to another surface. It’s also known as a food dispenser toy for goldfish. This ball will move with the flow of water, the movement of this ball will help your goldfish to entertain itself.

Limbo Poles

Limbo Pole Toy For Goldfish

This could be an interesting toy for your goldfish. All you have to do is arrange the poles vertically with the ground of the aquarium by maintaining a certain distance between the poles. Your goldfish will move around the poles and they will enjoy themselves.

Things To Know Before Training Your Goldfish For Toys

Feeding Your Goldfish Is The Key To Effective Traning

Before getting started with the training session for your goldfish you should gather some knowledge about goldfish food. When you are training your goldfish you have to give a reward to your goldfish, the best reward is nothing more than food for your goldfish.

As a goldfish keeper, you may know about feeding your goldfish. Two or three times a day you can feed your goldfish. Most of the time we usually choose packed foods like flakes and pallets which are available in a pet shop for our goldfish and these are also easy to collect.

If you change the food item during the training session of your goldfish it will change the taste of food and your goldfish will enjoy getting trained with you.

They will recognize you as a source of different food and when you will come to train them, they will perform their best. It will be absolutely an enjoyable moment for you.

You will be surprised to know that goldfish can take vegetables like cucumber, spinach, lettuce, and peas. You have to cut them into small pieces before feeding your goldfish.

Live foods like brine shrimps, tubifex worms, and aquarium snails could become other interesting foods for your goldfish as these foods are a good source of protein. Your goldfish will catch these living foods by their instinct like they used to catch fish in their natural surroundings.

Sometimes you can add frozen shrimp to the menu, just cut the frozen shrimp into little pieces before feeding them so that they can consume the food without any difficulty. This type of variation in food items will reduce boredom in taking the food of your goldfish. This is how they will be able to recognize you as their interesting food source. These are the basic things about different foods for your goldfish. Hope this little knowledge will help you to train your fancy goldfish properly.

Goldfish Can Memorize Things And Events

Goldfish is an intellectual pet among the pets you can keep. Some interesting facts about goldfish may surprise you, the facts are –

  • They can keep a memory of up to four months.
  • They can see only infrared and ultraviolet light.

Using Pavlov’s Experiment For Training Your Goldfish

Training sessions for your goldfish may become a sweet memory for you. You can just spend your leisure time training your goldfish. You may be familiar with the term “Pavlov’s Dog” In this experiment the scientist Dr. Pavlov would ring a bell when he fed his dog every time. The dog learned that when the bell rang it was time for food. The same thing goes for goldfish also.

When you try to train your goldfish, you have to reward it with a small amount of food after every successful attempt. Your goldfish will learn from your treat to itself, it will learn that some specific movement is allowing it to get extra food.

How To Train Your Goldfish For Toys

You can train your fancy goldfish by following the steps-

  • You can keep a treat ball in the aquarium when your goldfish goes through the treat ball, hoops, or the tunnel you can reward it with hand feeding. It will be an enjoyable part of the training.
  • When you will set a ball and goalpost inside the aquarium you will see that sometimes your goldfish is trying to push the ball inside the goalpost. When your goldfish will do this, you can give it a small treat with food.
  • When your goldfish will move around the limbo poles spontaneously your hand-feeding treat will allow your goldfish to do the same movement again and again.

From the training session will come closer to your pet goldfish, and you will come to know about its nature. It will help you to train your goldfish more fruitfully. May your time with your lovely goldfish become more enjoyable.

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