How To Get Rid Of Snakes In A Pond | Most Effective Methods

A snake in a pondIf you are having trouble with snakes in your pond and want to know how to get rid of snakes in a pond, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will also show you how you can get rid of the snakes and keep your pond safe. So stay with me till the end of this article.

Are Snakes in a Pond Harmful?

Of course, snakes are really harmful to your pond.

First of all, snakes are mostly harmful to baby fishes in the pond. They will eat your baby fishes and you won’t be able to raise them if there are snakes in your pond.

Secondly, if the snakes in the pond are venomous, that is a very risky thing for you and your family.

If any child or adult goes near the pond without knowing about the venomous snakes, it will bite them and this is a life risk.

So, snakes in a pond are harmful to both humans and the fishes in the pond.

Removing Snake From Your Pond

I don’t recommend you catch the poisonous snake yourself. For this take the help of professionals. They have experience and the necessary tools to catch the venomous snakes.

If the snake is not venomous and you don’t fear it, you can try it by yourself. Follow these steps to remove the snake from your pond.

Wear protective Cloth

A non-venomous snake also bites. So, it is wise to wear protective cloth before dealing with the snake. Wear clothes that cover your whole body. Use thick layered hand gloves and rugged boots.

This attire will help you to stay safe.

Don’t Touch it

You must use tools to remove the snake. If you try to touch it, it may bite on your face. You can use a snake tong to grab the snake. You will easily find it on the market.

Maintain a safe distance from the snake. Don’t rush or don’t be excited. Do the task slowly, otherwise, the snake will try to defend you.

After grabbing the snake with the tong, don’t squeeze the snake. Otherwise, it will slip away and bite you.

Relocate the Snake

Snake is a part of the ecosystem. So you should not kill the snake. You can relocate the snake to a remote area. Put the snake in a tightly closed bucket. Simply carry the bucket. And set it free in a remote area.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in a Pond – Preventive Approaches

The pond attracts the snake for several reasons such as suitable shelter, food sources, pond snails, turtles, some small fishes in the pond, etc. So, the snake will come back to your pond repeatedly.

In damp weather, the snake problem increases. So, you should learn some precautions to get rid of the snakes. Here are some natural and chemical remedies.

Remove Snake Shelter

Some places are suitable for the snakes to hide. Wood and compost piles, overgrown shrubs, mulch, yard debris, etc. are most common among them. Remove these potential hiding places.

Tall grasses help the snakes to hide from the guinea fowls and owls. So, trim up the overgrown grass. Remove the woodpiles away. Don’t keep any holes in the yard of the pond. It is also a common hiding place of the snakes. Clean the pond yard regularly.

Take aside the Food Sources

This is another effective way to reduce the snakes. Small rodents, various insects are the favorite food of the snake. Find these food sources and remove them.

But catching the small rodents is quite tough. You can use a mouse trap to get rid of the rodents. Use a covered trap. Otherwise, the dead rodents will attract the snake. You can easily find this trap in the market.

Guinea Fowls Kill the Snake!

Guinea Fowl is a prey bird which is called the nightmare of the snake. You can raise this bird.

This bird is an excellent hunter of the snake. It also eats harmful household insects.

Plants Are Also Useful!

Lemongrass, garlic, marigold, wormwood, etc. plants are very useful to prevent the snake.

Snakes hate the smell of these plants. Lemongrass also helps to prevent mosquitos.

Make Fake Owl

Snakes are afraid of the owl. You can use a realistic plastic owl to prevent the snakes. It also helps to reduce rodents and insects.

You can easily find it in the market. It is affordable and one of the easiest ways to handle the snake problem.

Use Fish Trap

It is also an effective way to control the snake problem. This trap has a sticky surface. Snakes get stuck into this trap.

The fish trap attracts the snakes with an appealing scent. It doesn’t kill the snake.

Essential Oil

Snakes also don’t like the smell of some essential oil such as cinnamon, clove oil, repelling granules, etc.

Take a spray bottle. Pour water into it and mix 10-20 drop essential oil with the water. Spray the mixture in the desired area.

You can also use repelling granules. It contains Sulfur that prevents the snakes. These essential oils are not harmful to pets, plants, and children.

Use Snake Repellents

Most of the snake repellents don’t work. We recommend you to use some effective snake repellents such as

  • King snake musk
  • Snake out
  • Mongoose urine

Most of the snake repellents are poisonous and destroy the ecosystem. The above repellents are less poisonous but effective.

My final tip for you is to use natural remedies as much as possible. Because these will get rid of the snakes and at the same keep your pond fresh. If you have absolutely no other way, only then use repellents. Otherwise, stick with natural remedies.

I hope now you are all clear about how to get rid of snakes in a pond. All you have to do is simply follow my given steps and you will be alright. If you still have any doubts or questions, ask me in the comment section and I will get back to you soon.

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