How To Drain A Pond? Methods That Saves Money And Time

Draining a pond is not a difficult task if you use the right method. If you know about draining a pond, it will take only one hour to drain your backyard pond.

There are several ways of draining a pond. This guide will help you to know how to drain any kind of pond-like garden ponds and farm ponds using different equipment.

When You Should Drain Your Pond

Before you know about draining a pond, you must know either your pond is ready to be drained or not. A good pond has a complex ecosystem. If you drain your pond unnecessarily, the ecosystem of the pond will be hampered.

You should only drain your pond when –

  • You want to change a considerable amount of water.
  • You need to dredge your pond.
  • You want to modify your pond.

4 Ways to Drain Your Pond Easily.

Use A High Flow Pond Pump

Pond pumps are one of the best pumps to drain the pond. It is faster and it provides easier drainage.  These pumps are best suited to drain a larger pond.

The draining process is very easy. Put the out-take hose in the place where you want to drain water. Place the inlet of the pump at the bottom of the pond. It will help the pump out maximum water in one sitting.

Draining a pond using pond pump.
Draining a pond using high-flow gasoline-run pump. Image by – Woahtech

The capacity of lifting pond water to a maximum height before losing power depends on the head capacity of the pump. A pump with a higher head value can lift more water. It can drain water further away from the pond.

So you must know about the head height of the pump before you choose one for your work.

Siphon Hose

You can use a siphon hose if you have a small above-ground pond and ok with very slow drainage. You can control the amount of water you want to drain from your pond.

Now, your question is, how to drain a pond with a siphon hose?

It is very simple! This process can be done by any kind of hose.

Put one end of the hose inside your pond and another end at the desired discharge place. If the hose diameter is small and the height difference between the inlet and the outlet is high enough, water will automatically flow.

If not, then you should suck the outlet by any suitable means to start the flow. If you don’t want to do so, you can fill the hose with water before putting it in the pond.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

How to drain a small pond fast? It is a common question.

A pond vacuum cleaner is the answer. A good pond vacuum can drain the water from the pond in very little time.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner used for both cleaning and draining the pond. It can drain the pond properly if it has a good discharge rate. This is a flexible draining system. You can find good models at an affordable price.

Solar Power Pond Pump

The solar power pond pump is a cheap way of draining a small pond.

It is mostly used in the summer months when you get a good amount of sunlight to the solar panel. It can easily drain a small garden pond water using intense sunlight.

It saves money in the long run. No electrical connection is needed to power the pump. The price of the pump is very reasonable and it comes with the necessary hose. Solar pond pump comes in handy when you drain water in remote locations.

However, the solar pump is not suitable for a larger pond because they are pretty slow. If you are ok with this. You can go with this pump. Furthermore, you can use this pump as an aerator.

How to Unclog a Pond Drain Pipe

There are various ways to unclog the drain pipe. For example

  • You can use a powerful suction pump to suck out the debris that is clogging the pipe.
  • A speedy water stream through the pipe will also help you to clear out the debris.
  • If the above ways don’t work you have to dig out the pipe and manually unclog it using a stick or something like that. But this is the last thing you want to do.

How to Install Bottom Drain in Pond Liner

A bottom drain is very useful for both cleaning the debris in your pond and draining it when necessary. You should install it during the construction of your pond. Follow these steps to install it in your pond –

Pond bottom drain installation
Placing the bottom drain in a pond. Image by: Clarkekoi
  • The first thing you have to do is to dig a hole in the deepest part of your pond. Here you will place the bottom drain.
  • You will also have to dig a trench to house the pipe which will connect to the settlement tank.
  • The pond liner installation is normal. But you have to cut out a hole around the drain.
  • Before you start cutting the drain make sure there is enough liner around every side of your pond. Cutover the sump of the drain like an “X”.
  • Now clean the sump and the liner using a rag so that it is dry. Then apply some glue to the lip of the sump. Now, press in the liner gently a so that there are no wrinkles.
  • Next, you have to place the flange down and screw it to the sump. There is no hurry as it is a sensitive task. Take your time.
  • Finally, trim the liner using glue inside the sump. This will work as a rubber gasket.

You are all done with your installation.

I have discussed the four easiest ways of draining any kind of fish pond. Make sure your fishes are safe while draining your pond water.

Draining your pond kills most of the natural bacteria. So, add pond bacteria to keep the ecosystem healthy and balanced. Before adding fish to your pond again, check the water quality.

If you still have any questions regarding how to drain a pond, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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