Water Fountain Pump Size Calculator: Find the Perfect Pump for Your Fountain

Are you planning to add a beautiful fountain to your garden or landscape, but you’re not sure what size pump you need to create the perfect water display? Our fountain pump size calculator is here to help you with that! It takes the guesswork out of selecting the right fountain pump for your project. It considers key factors like the diameter of your fountain’s spout and the height at which the water needs to be pumped to create the ideal flow and height for your fountain.

Water Fountain Pump Size Calculator

How to Use the Fountain Pump Calculator

Step 1: Unit Type

Start by selecting your preferred unit type: FPS (Feet-Pounds-Seconds) or SI (International System of Units).

Step 2: Fountain Spout Diameter

Enter the diameter of your fountain’s spout. If you’re using FPS units, enter the diameter in inches; for SI units, use centimeters.

Step 3: Fountain Head Height

Input the height from the pump to the fountain-head or spout. For FPS units, use feet, and for SI units, use meters.

Step 3: Click “Calculate”

Hit the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will provide you with the required pump specifications for your fountain.

Understanding the Results

  1. Fountain Spout Diameter: This is the diameter you provided.
  2. Fountain Head Height: This is the height you specified.
  3. Required Pump Flow Rate (Min): The minimum flow rate your pump should have to create the desired fountain effect.
  4. Required Pump Lift Height (Min): The minimum lift height your pump should achieve for optimal water flow.

Why Use Our Calculator?


Our fountain pump sizing calculator uses precise formulas to ensure you get the right pump size for your project.

Unit Flexibility

You can use the calculator in both FPS and SI units, making it suitable for various measurement systems.

Ease of Use

Simply enter your fountain’s details, click “Calculate,” and you’ll have your pump specifications in seconds.

Don’t let the wrong pump size dampen your fountain dreams. Use our water fountain pump size calculator to determine the perfect pump for your project, whether it’s a tranquil trickle or a majestic water display. Make your garden or landscape come alive with the soothing sound and beauty of a perfectly-sized pump.

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