How to Clean Pond Pump: A Step By Step Guide

If you are a pond owner and running a pump for circulating water then cleaning the pump is a regular maintenance work you have to perform.

Pond pump collects dirt, debris, and other material from the water which can clog multiple parts of the system or even stop it from working altogether.

You should clean your pond pump every month if you are using it constantly for circulation. If you have a seasonal pond with no fish in it then cleaning is relatively less frequent – perhaps once or twice a year.

Turn off the power to your pump

Before you start to clean the pump, first turn off the power to your pump.

This is to make sure that you won’t get shocked in the process.

Disconnect any hoses attached to the pump

After you have turned off the power, disconnect any hoses attached to the pump. Make sure you keep the screws and clamps organized so you don’t lose them.

If the pump is connected with other components, then it is best to remove all of them.

Remove any gravel build-up and clean the filter screen

On the bottom of all good pond pumps, there is a mesh filter screen that catches debris before it hits the impeller.

Clean this part by removing any excess gravel build-up or other material from it. Use your hands to pull out any stubborn materials stuck on these parts.

Spray down external parts of the pump

Use a hose to spray down the external parts of the pump. If you have a pressure washer then even better. Make sure none of the internal parts get damaged from excess water or pressure. Try to keep the pressure as low as possible.

While you spray down the pump, make sure water doesn’t enter the electrical wires, connectors, and the motor. This can cause short-circuiting and damage the motor.

Remove the lids of the pump

Depending on the manufacturer and model of your pond pump, it may have one or more lids. Some pumps don’t have it.

Open these lids to access the pump components. After you have done cleaning, make sure you put the lids back in place.

Clean the impeller

The impeller is the most important part of a pond pump and any clogging in this part will result in pump failure.

To clean the impeller, remove any sand or other debris from it using a soft-bristled brush.

Clean the impeller chamber

Just like the impeller, the chamber that houses it must also be kept free from any debris or blockages.

Take a brush and clean the chamber by scrubbing it with water.

Put the impeller back in place

This is the most important step when cleaning a pond pump. Make sure the impeller and the seal are in place. Any misalignment or improper assembly can result in water leakage or motor failure.

Attach the hose and other components

After you have done cleaning the pump, connect it to the other components and hoses.

Put the pump back in place and connect the power source.

Turn on the power back to your pump and check everything is working perfectly.

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