How To Clean Pond Water With Fish In It? 6 Effective Methods

It often requires to clean the pond water and you can’t move the fish anywhere else. In such a situation, you had to clean the pond water while the fishes are in it. If you aren’t careful when you clean the pond water, you may harm the fish or even kill them.

In this article, we will be discussing how to clean pond water with fish in it.

How to Clean Pond Water With Fish in It

Fight Algae Growth Using Barley Straw

Algae are the main threat to clean pond water as they easily make the pond water green. They can also make the pond water brown. You can use barley straw to fight algae growth in your pond while there is fish in it. Barley straw is safe to use in the pond as it brings no harm to fish.

You can use one pallet of barley straw for 1000 gallons of water. Make sure you hang it in a place where the water is continuously flowing. It will decompose and reduce algae growth in your pond.

You can also use barley straw extract in liquid form. Results are the same but you need to add the extract routinely.

You will need to wait for some days to get the result.

Install UV Clarifiers

Another way of cleaning the pond with fish in it is by using UV clarifiers.

A UV clarifier will pass the water through a tube next to the UV bulbs. The highly intensified lights will kill off the microscopic algae cell. This will ensure the clear color of the pond. Also the safety of the fishes.

For ponds having up to 3000 gallons of water, you can use the Pondmaster DNR02920 Ultra-Violet-Light Pond Water Clarifier to cure up your pond.

Using UV clarifiers is safe for fish and they effectively kill the algae.

Cleaning Using Pond Vacuums

Pond vacuum can become handy when you want to clean the pond water with fish in it. You can remove muck and debris from your pond using a pond vacuum.

You should drain some of the water before using the vacuum to get a good result.

Removing the muck and debris will reduce nutrients in the water. As a result, there will be fewer algae growth which will result in clear water.

Remove the Sediment

For having clear water you should remove the sediment from the pond.

Sediments can make suspension with water and make the pond water muddy. Sediments are mostly clay particles and can be in suspension as they are negatively charged.

You can manually remove the sediments or use a vacuum. Sediments should be removed regularly as they come back over and over again with an interval of time.

Use a Strong Filtration Unit for the Pond

A strong filtration unit is a must for pond waters clarity and also the safety of the fishes in it. This unit will make sure that your pond water is getting being refined.

Make sure of the proper maintenance of the filtration unit. And if you are having some problem with the filter try to consult with a professional. Try to fix it yourself if possible by using the manual given by the producer.

Check the filter media routinely. If it has lost its efficiency, change or backwash it.

Also, make sure that the filter is sufficient for the water and fish load of your pond.

Use Beneficial Bacteria

You can use beneficial pond bacteria to digest the sludge and debris. These bacteria can enhance the nitrogen cycle.

They brake down certain elements that are harmful to fish like ammonia, nitrate, etc.

If your pond is new then there will be fewer bacteria. In such a situation you should add the required amount of beneficial bacteria in your pond.

These bacteria are safe for fish and other habitats living in the pond. Hence, you can use them without any worry.

Final Thoughts

You should always be careful when you clean pond water with fish in it. Before taking any measure, you should make sure it is safe for the fish living in the pond.

The methods I have discussed here are all safe for the fish. You can use any or all of them to have clean water in your pond.

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