How To Clear Green Pond Water

How To Clear Green Pond Water – Fast & Effective Methods

How To Clear Green Pond WaterGreen pond water is caused by excessive growth of single-celled algae. This is further assisted by many reasons.

As a pond owner, you don’t want your pond water to be green. It doesn’t only affect the look of the pond but also damages the ecological balance of the pond.

Here we are going to discuss what causes this problem and how to clear green pond water. So just hop in.

Reasons for Water Turning Green in the Pond

Excessive Algae Growth

Algae growth is a major threat to clean pond water. Pond water turns green because of two types of algae’s extra blooming.

The first kind is floating single-celled organisms known as phytoplankton. These microbes are so small that they can pass through the smallest of the filters.

They can be good and provide food for fish and other animals in the pond when the condition is balanced. However, they have a great growth rate under the right sunlight and nutrition. Therefore, fishes can’t finish them eating.

There can be 8000 of this single-celled microbe per square inch of your pond. This excessive number might turn your pond water green.

The second kind of algae is known as string algae. This type can create thick maps. This type also has a great growth rate which leads to an imbalance in the pond and they eventually turn the pond water green.

The growth of algae in the pond is affected by some factors like excess nutrients, excess sunlight and the lack of aeration.

Leaves falling from the plants rot and get decomposed. After decomposition, they turned into nutrition. This nutrition works as the food for the algae. Fertilizers near the bank are washed to the pond and assist the growth of algae.

Improper Cleaning

Pond water can turn green resulting from the debris and sludge that are not cleared from the pond. Cleaning is an integral part of maintaining pond water quality and color.

You should try to keep a routine for cleaning your pond. Sludge and debris gather at the bottom of the pond. In some cases, it might be necessary to drain the total water of the pond for cleaning the pond properly.

These sludge and debris results in green pond water by decomposing and turning into food for algae. In the end, these algae make your pond water green.

Also, the chemical balance of the pond is lost through this.

Therefore, you have to keep this in control by proper cleaning.

Not Having the Right Proportion of Fish

Fishes do eat algae. But if there is an excess amount of fish that is not compatible with the pond may lead to some bad consequences. Extra fish will have extra wastes. These wastes then decompose and become food for algae.

Then with the extra algae and extra fish that don’t feed on algae, the pond water becomes green.

Not Having Enough Pond Plants

Not having enough plants in the pond may cause brown pond water problem. Because the plants give the pond some shades, due to lack of light, algae growth stops.

For having a natural look to the pond, enough number of plants is necessary. But some might say the excess amount of plants may be helpful. But that will make the problem acute.

With the extra amount of plants. We will have extra leaves. They will eventually get into the pond and decomposed to nutrition. Hence algae will get their food from this and grow at a high rate.

So it is essential to have the right amount of pond plants.

How To Clear Green Pond Water

Stop the Blooming of Algae

As we have learned that the main reason for pond water going green is the excess blooming of algae, stoping the growth will make the water clean.

We have to stop the overabundance of nutrients in the pond. For these, we have to keep the pond clean.

As a biological prevention measure, algae-eating fishes can also be introduced in the pond.

Too much sunlight makes the pond water green as they help the algae grow. Therefore, you have to arrange some shade for the pond and prevent too much sunlight from entering the pond. You can add some floating plants to prevent sunlight from entering the pond. Also, you can add some submerged and shoreline plant

Low oxygen levels in the pond can also create problems. When the oxygen level is low the aquatic organisms and plants can die. But they get decomposed and become food for the next cycle of algae. So we have to be sure that our pond is having enough oxygen.

For this, the pond water requires proper aeration. So you have to use pond aerators. This will help in keeping things balanced.

Using Algaecides

There are many chemicals to solve the algae problem in the pond. They are inexpensive yet effective.

Also, these chemicals can be used as long term solutions. They are suitable for both new and old ponds.

API Algaefix my first choice when it comes to deal with algae in the pond. You can use it to get rid of algae and clear green pond water

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If you have stocked your pond with fish and planted the plants, you must read the labels of the chemical before using it in your pond. You have to be aware that the chemical that you’re using is safe for fish and other habitats of the pond.

Filtration with UV Filter

In the fight against green pond water, the recent success has come from ultra-violet clarifiers. It destroys the algae when the water passes through it.  It also helps to get clear water in the pond in other ways.

TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier
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Tetra pond and Total pond have their models of UV clarifier that works best. You can try any one of these to kill algae and get a clear pond.

TotalPond UV Pond Clarifier
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Using Protein Skimmers

Skimmers may be used for solving the floating algae in your pond. This device is very useful in stopping algae growth. These protein skimmers will reduce the algae before they can break into phosphates.

This is also known as biological filtration. Using protein skimmers are necessary to keep pond water clear.

Marine Color Sunsun Aquarium Surface Protein Skimmer
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However, these protein Skimmers aren’t suitable for large ponds. If you have a small pond, you can use one to get rid of green pond water.

Using Filters

You can use filters to reduce the suspended algae. Proper filtration will filter them away. So try to keep a suitable filter for your pond. This will help to fight against the suspended algae.

Also if there are algae in your pond you have to change the filter media more often. You may also need to backwash the filter in some cases.

Proper and Maintained Cleaning of the Pond

Cleaning is a must for keeping the pond water clear. If you don’t clean your pond regularly, there will be more nutrition from this debris. More nutrition means more algae growth.

You can use a pond netting to stop the debris falling in the pond because eventually they will decompose and turned into nutrition that is food for algae.

Take Preventive Measure

There are many methods for dealing with water becoming green in the pond. But taking preventive measures is wise.

The first measure you can take is avoiding fertilization of the pond itself, also avoiding the same for the area around it.

Secondly, you have to remove decaying matter and unnecessary plantation around the pond.

You can also stock algae eating fish like grass carp to keep the population of algae in control.

Choose your pond plants wisely so that they compete with the algae to take away the light. You can cover up the two-third of the pond with such types of plants. If you do that, you will surely see the difference.

pond plants also compete with algae by taking extra nutrients from the water.

Trees or bushes can also help to reduce the sunlight from getting into the water.

You can also use barely straws and it works very well. Although it is a slow process, the natural enzymes exhibit a great ability to reduce the growth of algae. It is also effective against blanket weed.

Natural methods might take time but they leave remarkable results over this issue. The problem with pond’s water color can be solved dramatically by this.

Selecting a Proper Place for the Pond

If you haven’t build your pond yet, select the place for your pond carefully.

Make sure the place isn’t much lower than the surrounding. Because if it’s lower, water will gather here from runoff after rain and from other causes. This water contains too much nutrients that assist algae growth.

Placing the pond at a place where you can find 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and plants is important to keep the water nice and clean. You have noted these before you start making your pond.

Final Thoughts

Just like you and me, every pond owner wants their pond to look clear and attractive. But some issue like green pond water is a hindrance to it.

As you have read this far, now you can identify why pond water becomes green. So, your first job is to identify the root cause of this problem in your pond. Then you should make the most effective action to clear green pond water.

I have discussed the solutions to all of the problems regarding the green pond water issue. Hopefully, you won’t face any problem now. If you still have any queries you can ask me in the comment section.

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