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Pond pumps help you keep the water in your pond from stagnating. Whether you have a small water feature or a large, natural-looking pond, an external pump is key to keeping it healthy and clean. There are many different types of ponds, so there are lots of options for what type of pump will work best for your needs! To maintain your pond or other types of external water source, you need a reliable pump that will do the job right.

Here is our list of some great options for those looking for an excellent external pond pump!

Now let’s dive into the review section.

Reviews of Best External Pond Pump

Hayward Power Flo Pool Pump

The PowerFlo LX pump series is designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground and on-ground type swimming pools. It combines durable corrosion-proof construction with advanced features and options.

PowerFlo LX comes with two different models, 1 HP and 1.5 HP motor. The SP1580X15 has a 1.5 HP heavy-duty and high-performance motor. At 10 feet of head, it pumps between 85 to 90 gallons per minute. At 30 feet of the head, this figure drops to around 75 GPM, but at 50 feet of the head, it drops dramatically to around 30 GPM.

The motor is housed with a thermoplastic material that is resistant to corrosion and this makes it perfect for use under all weather conditions. A double-sized seal is used to enclose the motor and this seal is completely drip-proof which ensures that no moisture can get to the motor. The seal is also heat resistant and this gives the motor a long life. So, you can sit back and relax without worrying about maintenance or replacing costs.

An extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more. The clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning. The SP1580X15 is designed with a thermal load protector which can work automatically. If the motor runs a risk of overheating, it shuts down the motor’s operations. Again, the thermal load protector turns the motor on after it ensures that the risk is gone.

This pump has been designed to work at the highest levels in both types of pools, in-ground, and above-ground. It will save you money in the long run as you will only need one pump for all of your needs.

Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump

The Jebao DCT Marine controllable water pump is a newer model of the DCT series of pumps. This model comes with a high-performance motor with innovative electronics and energy-saving up to 50% than previous models.

The DCT-4000 has a maximum flow rate of 1056 gallons per hour and a maximum head height of 9.8 ft. The unit includes a multi-size connector, which is suited to 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and 3.4-inch ID. It also has a wear-resistant ceramic shaft.

This pump is suitable for your fish tank or aquarium. It has a controllable and adjustable flow rate. The remote for adjusting the speed and flow of the device is so easy to use. It allows you to tweak the device to deliver exactly the flow you require in your aquarium or fish tank. It also has a feeding button that halts the unit for 10 minutes. This is very useful during maintenance work.

The Jebao DCT pump comes pre-assembled. So, the installation process is very easy. All you need to do is attach the hosing. Safety features like automatic power off and motor protection make this unit a very good pump. You can use the pump either submerged or externally.

XtremepowerUS 3/4 Pond Pump

XtremepowerUS pool pump is ideal for applying on pools of all types and sizes. This pump can also support in-floor cleaning systems, solar heating systems, and water features. Its versatile design can be used in almost all hot tubs.

The X5117 has a tough and durable construction ensuring a long-lasting lifespan. The PPGF30 + PC (Reinforced Polypropylene) building material has improved impact strength, stiffness, chemical resistance, and high thermal properties. The motor is thermally protected for greater protection and longevity. So, you don’t need to worry about its build quality and longevity.

The 3/4 HP motor can pump water up to 2400 gallons per hour and has a maximum suction height of 32 ft. This heavy-duty, high-performance motor has an air-flow ventilation system for quieter and cooler operation. An easy start-up system prevents the motor from overheating. It has full flow hydraulics allowing greater flow at a lower cost of operation.

An extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum level. Again, the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning. It gives you more time to enjoy your pool.

This product from XtremepowerUS has the certification to ensure recognized standards for safety (IPX5 waterproof level, ETL certificated, UL Listed, CSA certificated). So, you can rely on this product for your pools, hot tubs, and spas specifications.

Alpine Corporation Alpine PAL2100 Cyclone Pump

The Alpine PAL2100 is the best energy-efficient pump you get right now. This pump is suitable for ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and filtration systems. One big advantage is that you can use this pump either externally or submerged.

The Alpine Cyclone Pump has a maximum pumping rate of 2100 gallons per hour and maximum vertical lifting up to 20 ft. This high-quality pump features a ceramic shaft that is oil-free, magnetic-driven, and epoxy-protected. The pump also has a high-performance vortex impeller with a large pre-filter which can be disassembled easily without any tools.

The PAL2100 comes with adapters for multiple pond set-ups. You can install the pump vertically or horizontally to suit your space. It also comes with a 33 ft long cord which gives you flexibility in case of pump placement. With a 3-year warranty, you can be confident in the quality of your purchase.

Orlushy Aquarium Water Pump

Orlushy 24V DC water pump is a return pump and perfect for aquariums and fish tanks. This pump has sine wave technology, running super quietly, causing a minimum sound effect to the daily life of the users.

Orlushy DC water pump drives the whole water cycle of your fish tank and helps your pet fish to reach the best condition. This model has a maximum water flow of 1320 gallons per hour and a maximum head height of 13.5 ft. It also has two models of different pumping rates.

This pump has three different operation mode settings (constant flow mode, wave mode, feed mode). When the pump is on, the speed controller automatically puts the pump in constant flow mode and shows 101 – 120 on the LCD screen. The wave model is from 201 – 220, where you will get the maximum wave band on 220. For feed mode, you have to press the fish button and the pump will pause the operation for 10 minutes. This precise adjustment of water flow helps to reach the optimum performance of the pump.

An advanced four-pole inverter motor contributes to the pump’s small size. The wear-resistant ceramic shaft is suitable for fresh or saltwater tanks. You can use this pump externally or submerged. This product also has safe-protection systems like IC electronic systems and automatic power-off systems. These systems keep the pump safe from any occurrence due to low water levels.

Hygger Quiet 24V DC Water Pump

Hygger DCP controllable 24V quiet water pump comes with a special U-shape water intake shell, which makes this return pump can be used in low water levels. It’s a powerful water pump for fish tanks, aquariums, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, etc, and can be used in both, fresh and saltwater.

This model from Hygger has a maximum pumping rate of 800 gallons per hour and a maximum head height of 9.8 ft. It can be used in the lowest water level of 0.8 inches. There are various models available for this product. You can choose from them according to your pond size.

The Hygger water pump has an external controller which can control the flow rate from 30% to 100%. This high-performance pump can save energy up to 65% and conduct a safe operation. With an anti-resistant ceramic shaft and durable impeller, the water pump has a longer service life. The pump will auto shut off when the water level is too low.

This small water pump is very compact and no tools are required for assembling or disassembling it. You can easily clean the pump. It also comes with some attachments (nuts, connectors, rings).

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